Welcome to JNSL

Vision, Mission & Shared Values


JNSL LOGISTICS, driven by people, who are passionate about solving tomorrow's logistical challenges today. "Fast moving, thinking for innovation" describes our vision to succeed - to be a leading, integrated logistics and supply chain Management Company that operates in the context of a global economy.

The JNSL brand is committed to quality service, people development and excellence, as she driven on a vision for growth based on a uncompromised commitment to its people. Contributing and adding values to its customers supply chain by taking initiative, having innovative ideas and focus with care & attention.


JNSL LOGISTICS is a specialist in the field of International Freight Forwarding. Because, JNSL has the knowledge, expertise and a comprehensive global network. JNSL is dedicated to offer the best international and domestic logistics services and networks that enable her customers to make "All the Right Moves" in their supply chains.

JNSL doesn't just move cargo, rather she supports your financial and operational targets, partnering with you throughout all stages of the shipment lifecycle. Her goal is to build on the traditional freight forwarder relationship, by providing creative, cost-effective supply chain solutions that continually meet and exceed her customers' expectations and provide unquestionable value.

JNSL started her journey with the Mission of:

  • To be an organization that is innovative and a leader in identifying and adapting New techniques and technologies for our customers.
  • To be an organization that provides its customers recommendations and solutions that are unbiased by potential economic gains from outside suppliers.
  • To be an organization that retains highly qualified personnel, provides for their career development, and establishes programs that provide a high degree of personal and family economic security.
  • To keep ownership and control of JNSL in the hands of her employees.
  • To be an organization that has a passion for excellence in every activity we conduct.
  • To maintain a financially strong business earning a reasonable profit, which is the only way we can provide security for our personnel, continue quality service for her Customers, and reward to her shareholders.


JNSL is small enough to provide her clients with the personal approach they are searching for but at the same time are experienced enough to successfully handle very important import and export shipments all over the world. JNSL believes in some values that ensures all her clients to receive a first class service whatever service they ask for.

JNSL stands with:

Loyalty Loyal to the nation and corporation
Honesty Honest and upright
Professionalism Committed, innovative, proactive and always striving for excellence
Cohesiveness United in purpose and fellowship