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Cargo Insurance

"Protect your revenue stream and gain peace of mind with JNSL's "all risk" cargo insurance."

JNSL Cargo insurance program is one of the foremost professional risk management tools in the market. Our comprehensive cargo insurance covers both onshore and offshore exposed property and the loss or damage of cargo on all modes of transportation.

JNSL dedicated risk-management team offers competitive rates for "All Risk" insurance coverage on a global height. JNSL is able to offer advice concerning insurance services for all type of cargoes ranging from household goods, personal effects, live-stock to commercial goods.

What we do:

  • While most carriers have limited coverage with less than the full value insured, we will cover all of your goods.
  • Keep things simple. Dealing with foreign insurance companies can get complicated; at JNSL, you have a personal contact for questions or claims and we work with your national currency.
  • Gain security and peace of mind for your domestic and international shipments. Our "all risk" coverage means you are covered for the duration of the shipment. Should things go wrong, you do not have to prove carrier fault or neglect in order to collect your claim.
  • JNSL will handle all of your paperwork.
  • JNSL offers competitive rates and a local presence to ensure you get the best service and coverage possible